rochester: accuses jane of bewitching his horse
rochester: interrogates jane about her paintings
rochester: leaves jane abruptly for months at a time
rochester: stages an engagement with a hot rich aristocrat to hurt jane’s feelings
rochester: dresses up as a fortune teller to mess with jane’s head
rochester: neglects to tell jane about the murderous insane wife living in his attic
rochester: wait jane why are you leaving

That whole thing with the fortune teller is one of those things you look back on and realize was a deeply concerning red flag.

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One U.S. Supreme Court justice referred to Netflix as “Netflick.” Another seemed not to know that HBO is a cable channel. A third appeared to think most software coding could be tossed off in a mere weekend.

The people ultimately responsible for making legal rulings in the modern world are often dangerously out-of-touch with it. [via Lawrence Hurley @ Business Insider] (via huffpostpolitics)

This is terrifying.

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Pretty much par for the course, though. When the court was hearing about abortion and reviewing the question of viability, primary responsibility on the subject went to the justice (can’t remember which one off the top of my head) who’d been a pre-med student for a couple of semesters before deciding to go with law.

Oftentimes the Supremes will punt a case to the person who took a class on the subject one time, or is assumed to have the most experience with it.

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Things I would buy if I had money, Bee Edition: 

Paging valadilenne, who gets first dibs on this jewelry, but then I’m buying whatever she doesn’t want.

Brass honeybee knuckles.